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Frank Giesen.

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Giesen.Design has a different approach to product development & design. Not to be different, but to make product development & design truly successful for your organization.


This is not about creating a pretty picture. No, as far as we are concerned, product development & design is all about developing products that suit your customers and your organization; products that contribute successfully to your growth and continuity.


And the results show clearly: Projects are successfully completed with the approach of Giesen.Design. 



Climate change and environmental impact are major issues these days. And rightly so.

Giesen.Design believes in creating sustainable solutions. Not only because it is our joint responsibility, but also because it offers unique (business) opportunities for the future of your organization.


We are happy to take up the challenge with you to develop products that are not only successful for you but are also sustainable for the environment and climate.

For our future.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is ideal if it is not clear to your organization which new products need to be developed in order to achieve your growth objectives.

Conceptual Design

The translation of the design specifications and objectives into ideas and concepts not only requires creativity but also special insights and feeling.

Design for Excellence

Design for Excellence (DFX) is a systematic method that makes it possible to get the most out of your product design quickly and effectively.

Form Follows Function 2.0

The philosophy behind Form Follows Function is clear: the design of the product is a logical consequence of the primary functions that the product fulfills.

Engineering Plastic P roducts

Thanks to the many years of experience at Giesen.Design, we 'think' in plastics. This means that we can make optimal use of the properties of plastic.

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