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From creativity and knowledge to a unique vision.

Frank Giesen, founder and owner of Giesen.Design, has been involved in product development & design since his education at the university in Delft. He originally worked as a developer and designer, but he soon became involved in the organization and management of product development & design.

He always has looked beyond the field of product development and has broadened his knowledge of other activities within organizations such as Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, Production and General Management.

It is my passion
making your innovation successful!
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All in all, this broad knowledge and experience laid the foundation for Giesen.Design's unique, successful vision.

Strategic Product Design & Innovation is the result of thorough analysis and the intensive search for improvements in the process of product development & design.


We are happy to tell you in detail about our vision and why it is so unique and successful.


Frank Giesen has now been working with passion and success in the profession for about 25 years and with Giesen.Design he is fully committed to new challenges.

We are happy to take you along in our approach, challenge you, use the available knowledge and with the results achieved will immediately make you enthusiastic to continue; looking for the success of product development & design for your organization.



Design Thinking

Design Thinking is ideal if it is not clear to your organization which new products need to be developed in order to achieve your growth objectives.

Conceptual Design

The translation of the drawn up design specifications and objectives into ideas and concepts not only requires creativity but also special insights and feeling.

Design for Excellence

Design for Excellence (DFX) is a systematic method that makes it possible to get the most out of your product design quickly and effectively.

Form Follows Function 2.0

The philosophy behind Form Follows Function is clear: the design of the product is a logical consequence of the primary functions that the product fulfills.

Engineering Plastic P roducts

Thanks to the many years of experience at Giesen.Design, we 'think' in plastics. This means that we can make optimal use of the properties of plastic.

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